Membership Information

Over the last couple of years, the Democratic party in Georgia and even here in Oconee has grown quickly!  We are energized for 2020 and looking for all the help we can get!

You may be asking yourself, “How can I get involved?”

  1. Show Up!  – come to our monthly meeting, our monthly social hour, or any of the events we are hosting or are involved in.
  2. Stay Tuned! – find out about various events hosted by us or by other like-minded local organizations by subscribing to our email Newsletter, following us on Facebook, and checking our Google calendar
  3. Get involved! – To become a member of the committee, come to a meeting.  We are always looking for help with our various subcommittees.  Whatever your talent or experience level may be, we can use your help!

There are 3 types of voting members in the Oconee County Democratic Committee:

  • Ex officio members include members of the State Committee, members of the DNC, and the Congressional district chair who reside in and are registered to vote in Oconee County.
  • Emeritus members are at least 60 years of age with at least ten continuous years of active membership who have been elected to emeritus status by the Committee. Emeritus members have all privileges of membership, but are exempt from dues and other obligations of Committee membership.
  • Regularly elected Committee members represent six Districts within Oconee County with each District comprised of three Posts. One half of the Committee posts are elected in Gubernatorial election years, and one half in Presidential election years. Committee members are elected at an advertised public Caucus held within 45 days of the General Primary.

Outside of the voting membership, the OCDC looks for as many like minded participants as possible.  These participants cannot vote on Committee business, but they are welcome to all meetings and functions, and strongly encouraged to participate in various subcommittees.  Usually, voting members are nominated from honorary members with strong participation.

While requiring dues is not allowed by the By-laws of the Democratic Party of Georgia, all members (voting and honorary) are encouraged to contribute to the Committee.  Many contribute 5, 10, or 20 dollars per month.  Donations can be made via credit card and can be made automatically each month through ActBlue.

The inability to make contributions to the Committee does NOT in any way prevent participation in Committee subcommittees or events.