Other Blogs

A collection of blogs and other sources about local issues. ┬áThese aren’t “ours” (that is, they aren’t run by the democratic committee; some of the bloggers do happen to be members), but it’s nice to have a collection of local viewpoints… especially ones that we’re typically sympathetic to!

  • Lee Becker blogs at Oconee Observations, and aims that as a newsletter.
  • Dan Matthews blogs as Oconee Democrat; Dan has been pretty active with both political and “lifestyle” local news items.
  • Freeland Abbott occasionally muses as Left of Center; he’s not particularly frequent, and hasn’t been at it as long.

In addition to the individual blogs, it may be worth mentioning the local newspapers:

  • The Oconee Enterprise is a locally-owned weekly
  • The Oconee Leader, owned by Morris Communications (which also owns the Athens Banner-Herald; they put the Leader into a corner of the Banner-Herald’s website)

If you have additional suggestions to mention, please drop us a line to let us know!