Our 2018 Candidates

We’re excited at the energy and enthusiasm we’re seeing across the board, but especially by those people putting themselves forward and investing the time to help run our towns, county, state, and nation in a better direction.

For many of the 2018 races, we’re lucky enough to have more than one Democratic candidate… and it’s early yet; this list only includes those who have formally qualified to the Board of Electors.  We may still recruit more candidates before the primaries on May 22, 2018.  If you might be interested in running, there’s even a form to let us know… we’ll help you learn what’s required to run and to serve if elected, and let you decide whether to get involved at whichever level.

Each candidate runs their own campaign, so asking us at the party committee about them will just get you referred to their teams… obviously, some candidates will do better than others, and the primary will select the Democratic candidate for each office; that’s what primaries are for.  Until then, the committee’s role is neutral; we support all of them, and try to offer each of them the same facilitation, resources, and assistance that we give any of the others.


US House of Representatives, Georgia District 10

We currently have two announced contenders for Jodi Hice’s seat:

Additionally, not formally filed but announced as intending to run, we have:

  • Richard Winfield, currently a UGA professor of psychology.  Thought political participation was a right?  University System of Georgia faculty are banned from running for state or higher office.  (We don’t think other state employees are, but faculty need take a leave of absence to run, so Richard had to finish the Fall 2017 semester before filing.)



Nathan Deal is excluded from running by term limits, so there’s no incumbent for the two declared Democratic candidates.  Brian Kemp, our state Secretary of State, is running on the GOP side.

  • Stacey Abrams, currently minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives (District 42)
  • Stacey Evans, currently Georgia House of Representatives (District 42)

Lieutenant Governor

    • Sarah Riggs Amico, currently and automotive executive who describes her position as a “politically purple advocate for common sense policy.”

Georgia House District 117

  • Deborah Gonzales, an attorney in Athens, is fresh off her 2017 special election win in House District 117.

Georgia House District 119

  • Jonathan Wallace, a software developer and entrepreneur in Athens, also coming off a ground-breaking 2017 special election victory.

Georgia Senate District 46

  • Marisue Hilliard , known to many of us from Moms Demand Action, will be running against State Senator Bill Cowsert

Secretary of State

As noted above, the current Secretary of State is Brian Kemp, who will be running for governor (so he’s not an incumbent in this race).

  • John Barrow, formerly a U.S. Congressman in Georgia’s 12th district
  • State Rep Dee Dawkins-Haigler, currently representing district 91 (parts of DeKalb and Rockdale counties, including Conyers and Lithonia)
  • RJ Hadley, recently the award-winning Tax Commissioner of Rockdale County

State School Superintendent

  • Sid Chapman, currently President of the Georgia Association of Educators, and social studies teacher in Clayton County
  • Samuel Mosteller, a 6-year principal and 3-year college professor from Chattaooga County
  • Otha Thornton, recently President of the national PTA and a defense contractor at Ft. Stewart

Insurance Commissioner

  • Janice Laws, insurance advocate and business owner, announced in October 2017.
  • Cindy Zeldin, currently executive director of Georgians for a Healthy
    Future (which lobbies, among other things, in favor of Medicaid expansion)

Public Service Commissioner

  • Lindy Miller is an Atlanta businesswoman and founder of Cherry Street Energy, a solar energy company.
  • John Noel, a 2004 state legislator (HD44) and energy business owner in Atlanta.


Superior Court Judge (Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties)

  • Lisa Lott is an attorney (public defender and prosecutor) in Barrow County.  The judicial race is non-partisan.

We also have open races for county commissioners, but to our knowledge nobody declared as running.


We need local candidates too!

Neighboring Counties & Districts

We realize we’re not alone out there, and especially near the county borders people may be interested in knowing who’s running in neighboring areas.


US House 9

  • Joshua McCall, currently a Latin teacher at Riverside Military Academy


State Senate District 47

  • Dawn Hawkins Johnson, currently Director of Adult Programs at the Frazer Center and board member for GAPSE, is looking to challenge Frank Ginn for senate district 47, covering much of Clarke County.