About Us

We’re the county democratic party committee.  Politically, our job is to find, encourage, and support democratic candidates and causes in Oconee County, Georgia… but we’re also part of the community, so it’s also our job to be aware and keep you informed of local and state issues related to a progressive viewpoint.  (We might also opine about national issues, but that’s usually a bit beyond our charter, and lil’ Oconee County doesn’t have a lot of sway on the national stage!)

Like other county committees, we have a limited “voting membership” chosen to ensure that different regions of the county get equal say in voting issues.  Members (in that “voting” sense) are elected if we’re lucky enough to have a surplus; there can only be a fixed number per district.   If you’re interested in the complete details, you can download the member’s guide.

That’s for “membership” in the sense of voting.  Separate from that, we can have unlimited members in the sense of being Oconee Democrats, part of the collective effort to make Oconee, and Georgia, a pleasant, thriving, and progressive place to live.  Just follow us on Facebook and/or subscribe to our mailing list to keep informed!