Minutes August 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the Oconee County Democratic Committee

AUGUST 15, 2017, Oconee County Library in Watkinsville

Committee members present: Tracey Wyatt, Dan Matthews, Jennifer Gude, Freeland Abbott, Priscilla Sumner, Pam Davis, Angie Eells, Robert Wyatt, Diana Jeffreys, Pat Adams, Violet Dawes, Wendy Wade, Ann Stoneburner

Committee members absent and excused: Carolyn Crawford, Bill Gohdes, Wanda Stitt-Gohdes, Ray Zwaagstra, Margaret Holt, Paul Dotterweich

Absent: Vicky Moody

Guests: Not all guests signed in, but the following eleven did: Laura Ormes, Lee Becker, Rachel Snyder, Fabiana Hayden, Micaela Hobbs, Pat McCaskey, Meryl and Mike Finnerty, Ann Hollifield, Melissa Hopkinson, Richard Winfield and Hank Gradie.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Chair Angie Eells called the Meeting to Order at 6:30 p.m. She asked for additions to the Agenda, and, receiving none, requested and received unanimous approval of the Agenda.

As our State Committee Member, Angie Eells gave a report on the activities of the Committee and submitted it to Pam Davis, Secretary.

Recognition of Elected Officials: Dan Matthews, Watkinsville City Council, was recognized.

Affiliates were recognized: Tracey Wyatt reported on the activities of the Oconee Progressives.

The Chair welcomed guests, and then introduced the Program speakers:  Jennifer Gude, a candidate for Watkinsville City Council Post 2, and Richard Winfield, who will announce his candidacy for the 10th District Congressional seat when his leave of absence from UGA’s Department of Philosophy begins in January 2018.

Jennifer noted that as a stay-at-home mother she has the time to devote to the council position.  She intends to continue projects that make Watkinsville an attractive gathering-place for its citizens and visitors by installing more sidewalks and updating playgrounds like those at Harris Shoals Park.

Richard Winfield represents the liberal left of the Democratic spectrum.  He spoke eloquently about social, health and economic rights for all citizens and not just the privileged few.  His platform includes single payer healthcare and a minimum wage of $20/hr.

Business Session

Reports from Members of the Executive Committee, Principal Committees and Liaisons:

Chair Angie Eells read and submitted a report of her activities in June.

Secretary Pam Davis called for additions or deletions to the previously circulated Minutes of the June 20, 2017 Business Meeting.  Robert Wyatt amended the Minutes to reflect a bank balance as $1161.86.  The Minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer Robert Wyatt reported that the current bank balance is $1067.88 with $93.98 in expenditures.

The Communications Committee:  Chair Freeland Abbott reported that his subcommittee meets once a month, usually the 3rd Saturday.  Recent activities of the subcommittee have included preparation of its Budget as requested by the Chair and achieving near-readiness of ActBlue after much difficulty related to the bank’s loss of critical data.  Freeland provided a brief analysis of the performance metrics of the Committee’s social media that suggests we are developing a following.

The Affirmative Action/Membership Committee:  Chair Jennifer Gude noted that her subcommittee met on June 24.  She reported on the agenda from that meeting, including ways in which the sale of items such as t-shirts, pottery mugs, and travel mugs might be part of our fund-raising efforts.

The Candidate Recruitment and Development Committee: Chair Tracy Wyatt discussed the activities of her subcommittee and their future goals, including the identification and recruitment of Democrats who reside within townships to run for office.

The Special Events and Fund Raising Committee:  Chair Pam Davis reported that the scheduled meeting had been cancelled due to a lack of response.

Update from the Advisory Board for Elections and Registration: Robert Wyatt reported that qualifying for municipal elections will be held 8/21-8/23.

New Business: None to report.

The next OCDC meeting will be on September 19, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Watkinsville library.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Pam Davis, Secretary



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