Time to Speak

Wouldn’t it be nice for a political candidate to start by knowing what the district actually wants from their representative?

Deborah Gonzalez is running for the GA House of Representatives District 117 (which includes parts of Oconee County). Deborah wants to know what the residents in Oconee County are concerned about so she is inviting you to come to a forum so she can listen to and learn exactly what is on your minds.

Join us on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 in the Main Auditorium at the Oconee County Library from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

This forum is open to and welcomes the public.  Oconee Democrats are sponsoring it, but the goal is a non-partisan discussion.

Deborah has some questions she’d like to ask you, such as:
• What do you like about living in Oconee County?
• What are the most significant issues facing our county?
• What should be the role of citizens related to legislation in the State?

Most importantly, she would like to hear your concerns and questions. As a candidate Deborah really wants to know what can she do for you.

The forum will be moderated by Oconee County resident, Margaret Holt, who has worked with the National Issues Forums since 1981. The process is designed for our community to have a conversation, not a protest. Ideas shared will be captured to help Deborah shape a legislative agenda that matches the concerns of the District. She’s a candidate who will speak to you clearly and honestly. She is also a candidate who will listen to you attentively and authentically. So stop by and share your thoughts, your story, your voice.

Non-partisan. All are welcome.

Website for Deborah Gonzalez:

Minutes of June 20, 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the Oconee County Democratic Committee


Committee members present: Wendy Wade, Carolyn Crawford, Dan Matthews, Sarajane Love, Bill Ghodes, Wanda Stitt-Ghodes, Angie Eells, Priscilla Sumner, Margaret Holt, Pam Davis, Pat Adams and Paul Dotterweich

Committee members absent and excused: Ann Stoneburner, Ray Zwaagstra, Robert Wyatt, Diana Jeffreys

Absent: Violet Dawe (Did not stay for the business meeting.), Vicky Moody

Guests: Ten people signed in as guests.  However, there were many more guests than ten.  The room was very crowded and there was an overflow into the hallway. In addition, some guests that had attended prior meetings did not sign in.

Chair Angie Eells called the Meeting to Order at 6:30 p.m., and she requested and received unanimous approval of the Agenda. The pledge of allegiance was followed by the call to order.

As our State Committee Member, Angie Eells gave a report on the activities of the Committee and submitted them to Pam Davis, Secretary.

Affiliates were recognized:  Rocky Rafael from the Clarke County Democratic Committee and Courtney Davis from the Oconee Progressives were recognized and welcomed.

The Chair welcomed guests.

Rob Mischler from Greening Georgia discussed the mission of Greening Georgia. Other guests included candidates Deborah Gonzalez who is running for the seat currently held by Regina Quick and Chalis Pomeroy Montgomery who is running as one of the Democrats hopeful to unseat Jodi Hice in the 10th District.

Program:  The Candidate Recruitment Subcommittee invited local elected officials to share their experiences and advise on the election process and what their elected positions entail.  The panel guests were Spencer Frye, Norman Garrett, Penny Mills, Violet Dawes and Paul Dotterweich.  Candidates Deborah Gonzales and Chalis Pomeroy Montgomery also spoke during the program.

Business Session

Recognition Of Newly Elected OCDC Members: There were three newly elected OCDC members: Tracey Wyatt (District 1), Jennifer Gude (District 2) and Freeland Abbott (District 3).

Reports from Members of the Executive Committee, Principal Committees and Liaisons:

Chair Angie Eells read and submitted a report of her activities in June.

Secretary Pam Davis called for additions or deletions to the previously circulated minutes of the May16, 2017 Business Meeting.  Receiving none, she called for a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Dan Matthews made the motion; it was seconded by Margaret Holt and unanimously approved.

Treasurer Robert Wyatt through Pam Davis, informed the Committee that the current bank balance is  $1611.86

Past Chair, Margaret Holt had no report.

The Communications Committee:  Chair, Freeland Abbott stated that the subcommittee met on June 10th.  He discussed the accomplishments the committee has made thus far.

The Affirmative Action/Membership Committee: Chair, Jennifer Gude stated that the subcommittee met on May 20.  She reported on the items discussed at that meeting.

The Candidate Recruitment and Development Committee: Chair, Tracy Wyatt discussed the activities of the committee and their future goals.

The Special Events and Fund Raising Committee:  Co Chair, Margaret Holt announced that this committee had met earlier on this day and discussed several ideas for upcoming events. A subcommittee meeting was scheduled in July but cancelled.

Caucus Liaisons: Carolyn Crawford, Veterans Affairs Liaison had nothing to report.  

County Advisory Board Updates: Robert Wyatt was absent but had communicated that he had nothing to report.

New Business: On behalf of Wendy Wade, Margaret Holt, informed the meeting that the upcoming 8th Annual White Linen Scholarship Gala will be held on Saturday July 22, 2017 at 7pm at The Classic Center.  Please contact Wendy Wade for more information and to purchase tickets.

Upcoming Events:  No upcoming events to report.

The next OCDC meeting will be On August 15, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Watkinsville library.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Pam Davis, Secretary

Oconee Democrats at Deborah Gonzalez’ Launch

Deborah Gonzalez
Deborah Gonzalez at her launch event

Today at Bishop Park, Deborah Gonzalez official launched her campaign for Georgia State House Representative for District 117, composed of parts of Oconee, Clark, Barrow, and Jackson counties.  She is challenging Regina Quick in November 2018.


Deborah Gonzalez
Deborah Gonzalez speaking at her launch

We’re excited to have a strong candidate to support, in a district which has been identified as one of the likeliest for Democrats to flip.  Ms. Gonzalez spoke of her father’s service in the U.S. Army and his Puerto Rican heritage, of her own career spanning from computer networking to entertainment law, and of her philosophy on the importance of “borrowing” the present from future generations: how can we ensure we not only give to our children all that we enjoy today, but more?  She also stressed her support for local entrepreneurship, environment, and education issues, all dear to the hearts of those of us who attended her launch from Oconee County.

Thank you for running, Deborah!  Those interested in volunteering to assist or, or merely in learning more about the candidate, can visit her website at http://votedeborahgonzalez.com/.

Oconee Democrats at Gonzalez launch
Oconee Democrats with Deborah Gonzalez after her campaign launch