Committee Post Elections!

How do I get to be an “Oconee Democrat”?

It is very simple, actually. Do you live in Oconee County, GA? Do you believe in the values of the Democratic Party?

Poof! You are an official Oconee Democrat! Welcome to the club! Please join us in our meetings and help us out. We need you!

Now, how do I serve on the Oconee County Democratic Committee?

There is a little more to that…

As stated on our Membership Information Page, the OCDC (Oconee County Democratic Committee) has 18 positions. There are 5 geographical districts in the county defined in our by-laws and one at-large district. Each district has 3 posts. Six districts and 3 posts per district is the 18 positions!

Committee post holders are no different than any other Democrat in the county, except that they get to vote on committee business. And as members, they are expected to be active in the committee.

Who gets to hold these positions?

Well, the post seats are for four year terms. Every two years, half of them are up for election. Half are chosen in presidential election years, and the other half are chosen in gubernatorial election years.

These positions are decided in a local caucus-style election. This means that we meet in person and take a vote for each position. Candidates for the positions should announce their interest ahead of time, but they can be nominated “from the floor” during the caucus.

As far as rules, the only rule is that everyone participating (in both the voting and as candidates must:

  1. live in Oconee County
  2. have voted in the most recent Democratic primary election

Can I participate without being on the committee?

ABSOLUTELY! And we need you! We are a great group of people fighting the good fight here in deep red Georgia. Come on out, please!

When is the next caucus?

Our next caucus will be held via zoom on July 30, 2020. Caucuses should be held in person, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are planning to hold our caucus via a zoom meeting.

You can register to attend the caucus here.

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