A Plan For Gun Control

Philip Tybor is a member of the Oconee County Democratic Committee and has given a lot of thought to the gun control debate. Something must be done to end senseless gun violence in this country, and Phil has a plan. See below. Thanks Phil!

Gun violence can be reduced with a step by step plan.  The following is the first suggested step for that reduction:

The U. S. Congress should pass legislation governing Assault and Military weapons. 

The Assault and Military weapons along with the associated ammunition should be clearly defined and identified using the name of the manufacturer.  Modified weapons should also be clearly identified and defined.  These Assault/Military weapons and ammunition should be prohibited from further sale.  Any sale of such weapons should be deemed a felony punishable by a prison sentence.  The weapons and ammunition can only be sold under government contract.

For individual weapon owners:

A buyback program of the Assault/Military weapon and ammunition should be declared and financed by the Federal Government but implemented by local governments.  The buyback price should be at the current market price for the weapon and ammunition.  All buyback weapons and ammunition should be taken to the nearest Military Base for stockpiling, destruction or use by the military.  Owners of Assault/Military weapons that do not participate in the buyback program shall be subject to a felony offense unless the weapon(s) and ammunition are registered with the Federal Government and the owner subjected to an extensive background check.  The owners shall be mentally competent as determined by a physician, pass a weapons safety training, a citizen of the USA, age 25 or older, and not charged or convicted of either a misdemeanor or felony.  The owner shall be finger printed and licensed for 5 years.  License fee shall be a minimum of $500 which shall be used by the local law enforcement for citizen safety programs.  The license shall be renewable on a 5-year interval after an extensive background and mental competence check.  The fee shall be a minimum of $500.  Guns and ammunition retained by the owner may not be sold or given away.  Such action shall be a felony.  Lost or stolen weapons and used ammunition must be reported to local law enforcement within 7 days.  At the time of license renewal all ammunition must be accounted for.

Gun Manufacturers, warehouses, brokers etc.:

All gun manufacturers, their subsidiaries, warehouses etc. within the boundaries of the United States and its territories shall stop the production of Assault/Military weapons, parts, and ammunition.  All assault/military weapons, parts, and ammunition shall be turn in to the closest military base without compensation.  Only those businesses with a government contract for such a weapon shall be exempt.  U. S. operations outside of the USA are subject to this law.  Failure to comply with the law will result in felony charges against the corporation, its board of directors, its corporate officers, and all managers down to and including Plant managers.

These requirements should be established immediately as a Presidential Order and then become law through the congressional process.  This will reduce gun violence in the United States.  The penalties are tough but still not enough to compensate for the loss of another person’s life.

By Philip Tybor Sr.

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