The Issues You Care About

About two weeks ago we asked all of you to let us know what issues were important to you.  Even if you haven’t filled the survey out yet, you aren’t too late—watching that is going to be an ongoing thing for us for a while.  The goal, of course, is to better understand what things to pay attention to.  We’ve gotten about 20 responses so far, but that’s enough to see some interesting things.

Let’s look first at the issues we listed for you to rank:

The first item, Gerrymandering, was accidentally left out at first, which accounts for its low rating (it’s tied for top since we restored it).    What’s a bit surprising is that both Wastewater and Highway Infrastructure have support overall… but nobody’s going to go door-to-door for them (green).  Yet Highway Infrastructure gets more people to “click ‘Like’” than anything else… you just don’t think you’d get off the couch for it.  (Good to know, and we’re not judging!)

The winner for engagement is Gun Safety, perhaps top-of-mind because of the tragic events in Florida… and we’re glad to say we’re already working to do something visible about that.  Second place goes to Medicare Expansion, which our new state representatives have both pushed.

So, we think we’re working on the right things.  We all need to make it clear these are voting issues, and we need to recruit for those issues outside our own bubble.  Those flipped elections suggest that broader support is out there, so it’s okay to talk about it!

The other interesting note is about the write-in issues.  Half of the respondents have added write-in issues, which lets us know what you’re thinking of that we didn’t already guess was on your mind.  The most common were for jobs and for K-12 education issues other than funding and safety.  We’ve also seen several variations on racial equality, both economic and judicial; cannabis decriminalization; and environmental concern (local and national).

For the K-12 issues, we’re glad to report that we’ve found candidates to run for county school board; that’s where we get the leverage to influence those decisions.  For pay equity at least, our representatives have also sponsored non-discrimination and living wage bills.  The other issues you added… not so much progress yet; it’s good to know what to watch for!

Finally, we added the self-identification questions late, but we see a good mix of the left spectdrum in how we identify.  I’m particularly pleased with teh several “non-partisan” voters who are coming too us; we want a broad and inclusive reach!

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