Why We Fundraise

Oconee County Democratic Committee is a a supportive network of volunteers and advocates who work together to organize for a better Georgia and Oconee County. OCDC runs on due and donations received locally, and does not receive funds from either the state or the national Democratic party.

OCDC provides the overall leadership for the Democratic Party in Oconee County on issues like election strategy/ who to endorse in elections, community outreach and local Democratic fundraising.

  1. Candidate Development – The one and only reason we exist is to vet qualified candidates to run for any office.  in Candidate Development, we meet with individuals, assist in training and provide financial support. It is so important that we have funds to help our brave candidates. If we want to win elections we need people to run and if we want people to run they need to feel supported.
  2. Community Outreach – This is to get our name out there.  It is hosting events, going into neighborhoods to support local programs (i.e., neighborhood clean up, First Friday’s, school functions, etc.). We have lots of ideas to grow our presence in Oconee County and having funds will allow us to reach our goals by hosting and participating in a wide variety of events.
  3. Operational Expenses – Cost of buying campaign materials (signs, stickers, buttons).  Cost of rent, supplies, food for events, postage, media and our website.

Please consider making a contribution today or commit to a monthly contribution.  Click the “Donate” link on the menu above.

Also, please remember that our candidates also need support for their individual races: the committee can help and support them, but candidates need to buy their own yard signs and advertisements, run their own websites, feed and hydrate canvassers, etc.  Please remember to give to support our candidates as well.

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